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de la Barrera, E; Smith, W K

Epilogue Book Chapter

de la Barrera, E; Smith, W K (Ed.): Perspectives in Biophysical Plant Ecophysiology: A Tribute to Park S. Nobel, pp. 393-397, UNAM, 2009.

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Álvarez-Añorve, M; Quesada, M; de la Barrera, E

Plant functional groups: Physiology, ecology, and spectroscopy in tropical systems Book Chapter


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de la Barrera, E; Walter, H S

Wind effects on leaf morphology for the mangrove Conocarpus erecta at an oceanic island from the Mexican Pacific Ocean Journal Article

Revista Chilena de Historia Natural, 79 , pp. 451-463, 2006.

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de la Barrera, E

On the sesquicentennial of Fick's laws of diffusion Journal Article

Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 12 (4), pp. 280, 2005.

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